January 10, 2019

Let Your Personal Style Shine
PC: Lisa Battaglia Hats


Whether you are dancing at Coachella's famed festival, celebrating the run for the roses on "Derby Day" or partaking in a party at a polo match in Palm Beach, a hat created to reflect your personal style is a 2019 wardrobe must-have.  It is of no doubt that the younger Royals have refreshed the perception that stylized headwear - from floppy to structured - should retain an important place in the modern woman's wardrobe. This year’s must-have investment piece for the carefully curated closet is a quality hat that represents exceptional design and workmanship.

 Lisa Battaglia Hats

The unique designs of Lisa Battaglia


By definition, a milliner is a person who designs, makes, trims, or sells women's hats (1).  Finding a traditional milliner to create your investment is becoming increasingly rare, but Lisa Battaglia is talented modern artisan that has worked diligently to hone this craft.  

Working on Fall 2019 styles
PC @LisaBatttagliaHats Instagram

Adhering to a philosophy of “reinterpret(ing) vintage aesthetics to live in the modern world,” Ms. Battaglia's acumen in fine millinery allows her the ability to create unique designs that reflect the personality of each customer, either directly or under a private label.


You are a milliner by trade and skill. What exactly is a milliner and what are the different products typically produced (fascinator, fedora, cowboy hat)?

Great question! I design headwear and hats. Typically, I design 5 collections a year. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Kentucky Derby (Special Occasion).

Created for the Kentucky Derby! Follow the designs of @lisabattagliahats on Facebook and Instagram 

I look at style trends to make predictions of popular selling hats for the season. Based upon the trends, I design silhouettes to complement which would include varying styles including (fascinators, cowboy hats, fedoras, boaters, etc.) and often times I reinvent shapes of crowns/ brims on wooden blocks coming up with inventive styles not seen in the marketplace. As an example, “Fly Girl” hat worn by Steven Tyler.

A timeless beauty,"The Fly Girl." One of Lisa Battaglia's Best Selling Designs

What makes each of your hats unique?

I would say I started making hats as an art form. My technique is freeform blocking which allowed me to reinvent traditional shapes. That being said, I look at form, materials and color to create original works of art. I often refer my work as being influenced by the impressionistic era.


An Exquisite "Fascinator" Set on a Traditional Hat Making Block

What inspires your design process?

Definitely fashion trends and color trends, but it’s more of a feeling. I’m definitely drawn to beautifully made things which include the materials, shapes, and the way things are made. I love anything that is handmade and one of a kind. It’s the artisan in me.

One of a kind design created by Lisa Battaglia

You create “bespoke” hats for clients who desire a personalized look for a special occasion including horse racing events, charity galas, wedding and bridal parties or even for their own every day wear. How do you help each client create their own unique piece?

I listen to my client’s wants in terms of function and what they desire. I also take into consideration their facial features in terms of shapes of which styles that would be well suited to them. A lot of women don’t believe they can carry off a hat but it’s finding the right shape and color to compliment them. All of the custom hats are individual and one of a kind.

Where else can we find your designs?

A bulk of my business is private label and I predict trends in hats.  I offer my services to create one of a kind hats at a mass level without sacrificing the quality of the hats. 

The HILDY FEDORA available at Peruvian Connection ($349).
PC: Peruvian Connection

My hats have graced the magazines of Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, The New York Post. My celebrity clientele consists of Steven Tyler, Britney Spears, Christine Costner, Allison Sweeney among others. 

What is your connection with the equestrian way of life?

I have worked with department stores and small boutiques to offer Derby Hats and Fascinator Collections for the Kentucky Derby and other horse racing venues.

Fashion Photographer Heidi Niemala, known for her most recent work in Equestrian Living, wearing a Lisa Battaglia creation at Far Hills Steeplechase



For more information and/or to place an order:  

E: info@lisabattaglia.com

T: 732-213-9548

DM on Instagram @lisabattagliahats


Facebook- @lisabattagliahats 

Instagram: @lisabattagliahats

(1) https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/milliner



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