Creating the Intersection between Fashion and Equestrian Photography: Heidi Niemala

Creating the Intersection between Fashion and Equestrian Photography: Heidi Niemala

August 13, 2018

During my career in corporate marketing and brand management, one of the assets I managed was photography. Working on tight financial margins, yet reliant on consumer perception, each image was planned in detail well in advance because every moment in the studio or in the field hit our bottom line.  Strategically, our marketing and creative specialists managed the messaging, but we relied on professional photographers that were experts in their fields to deliver our vision to the customer.

It is because of this process that I have an immense appreciation for specialized photographers- from high fashion to food and from portraiture to action. When asked what I think are the most important investments a brand should regularly include in their budget, I always list professional photography near the top of the list. Imagery assists in moving brand perception from good to excellent and essentially communicates a feeling that the consumer can resonate with.

Many of you remember the positive reaction when the “new” look and logic of the Dover Saddlery catalog appeared in our mailboxes.  The company's investment created a new connection with shoppers by visually presenting merchandise and the role it plays as part of an authentic equestrian way of life.

Dover Saddlery

IMAGES ABOVE: Dover Saddlery invested in adding both a feeling of authenticity and emotion to its catalog.

Under the creative direction of Sandra Ranke, one of the key photographers working on this project was Heidi Niemala.  Last year I had the privilege of discussing her extensive career in fashion photography and how she was using this experience to differentiate her work in the equestrian lifestyle channel.

IMAGE: Heidi on location for Dover Saddlery.

Currently, Heidi remains active in the fashion and beauty sector, but continues to grow the breadth of her portfolio by signifcantly elevating the imagery that couple the fashion and equestrian worlds. Of note is her recent work published in the exceptionally curated “coffee table worthy” glossy,  EQ Living Magazine. 

Equestrian Living Magazine

IMAGE: Heidi Niemala's photography featured on the April/May 2018 cover of EQUESTRIAN LIVING. To read magazine and to view this entire fashion spread online, CLICK HERE.

This work includes three impressive spreads titled "The Aristocratic Rebel", "Hunt Country Noir", and most recently "Destination Shetland Isles" (see below).  These features set a new elevated barre of excellence for the U.S. equestrian lifestyle publishing industry regarding the presentation of fashion.

Below is Street to Stable’s interview from June of 2017 that discusses Heidi’s vision and experience. Reflecting over the last year, it is apparent that Heidi Niemala has developed a notable reputation as one of the most influential photographers, specific to the intersection of both the fashion and equestrian worlds.  This achievement is possible as she continues to work in tandem with other talented creative visionaries that are presenting the equestrian way of life from a fresh and modern perspective.



Kristin M. Thornton


Name of Business: Heidi Niemala Photography

Interview: June 2017   

Describe your expertise:

I am a fashion and beauty photographer with more than 20 years of experience at leading fashion magazines, as well as corporate clients like Neiman Marcus, Air France, Target and Brizo.

IMAGE: Catalog work by Heidi for The Gardens Mall. To view Heidi's online samples showcasing her body of work, CLICK HERE.

What makes your styles of photo unique?

With each photo, I try to capture a unique moment suspended in the mind’s eye – the kind of image that might flash through your consciousness 20 years from now. Editors have called my work “timeless,” “transcendent," and "creating tangible desire in the mind of the viewer.”

IMAGE: A timeless moment created for Dover Saddlery.

What is your connection to the equestrian lifestyle?

I’ve been slowly returning to my equestrian roots over the past few years. Not to be too corny, but after so many years in big cities, horses make me feel alive. Fashion photography is glamorous but limited – hot rooms, hot lights, teams of people talking at you all the time. I’d rather have mud on my boots any day. I love the freedom of it all, the vistas, the skies.

IMAGE: Heidi working outside on location.

Someday I’d love to have a farm in Middleburg and ride every day when I’m not on location.

What inspired you to start shooting the equestrian lifestyle as a subject?

A better question might be, what took me so long? I was born and raised in northern Virginia, and horses were my first love. I’ve been an amateur rider since I was 12. Throughout my career, I’ve tried to find horses wherever I go. This year I was able to ride in Grand Cayman, Park City, Ocala and West Virginia.

Is there anything that surprised you when you started photographing horses? 

There are plenty of similarities between horses and models – the long legs, the grace. Horses have better eyelashes (laughs). Seriously, the biggest surprise was the way that horses are in charge.

IMAGES: Behind the scenes at Shelter Island.  Featured in EQ Living Magazine, shot by Heidi Niemala with contributing editor Sandra Ranke and fashion editor David Burnett.

With people, I’m running the show, but with horses, I am following their lead. You can’t use too much equipment – it spooks them. You just need to follow where they want to take you. It’s like riding in that respect; the best work requires absolute trust.


I hope to work at the intersection of fashion and the equestrian world. My dream project involves haute couture models who can really ride. I’d also like to shoot all types of horses – thoroughbreds, warmbloods, draught horses, dressage. 

UPDATE as of 8/11/2018: Over the last year, Heidi has actively continued to pursue her vision as a photographer that captures the intersection between fashion and the equestrian way of life.  As mentioned above, she was behind her lens for three sophisticated spreads featured in EQ Living Magazine (available online and in print) titled The Aristocratic Rebel, Hunt Country Noir, and most currently, Destination Shetland Isles.  

Equestrian Living

IMAGES: (Clockwise from left) Scenes from Destination Shetland Isles, Aristocratic Rebel and Hunt Country Noir. Featured in EQ Living Magazine, shot by Heidi Niemala with contributing editor Sandra Ranke and fashion editor David Burnett.



INSTAGRAM: @heidiniemalaphoto

CONTACT: Heidi Niemala, E: T: 917-834-9102.

AGENT: Barry Soorenko, E: T: 301-996-6850


Sandre Ranke, creative director, w: 

David Burnett, fashion stylist editor, w:

Equestrian Living Magazine, available online and in print, w: 


Heidi Niemala is a fashion and equestrian photographer best known for her timeless images. She has been honored with more than 25 Addy Awards from the American Advertising Federation. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award celebrating the world's most extraordinary talent.   Born and raised in northern Virginia, Heidi began her professional life in front of the camera. After six years of modeling, she attended college in Washington, D.C. and returned to the fashion industry as a photographer. Current and past clients include Dover Saddlery, Neiman Marcus, Vogue and EQ Living. Heidi currently lives outside New York City raising her two sons, Jack and Griffin. 


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