CULTIVATING HEIRLOOMS  with Silversmith Holly Spagnola

CULTIVATING HEIRLOOMS with Silversmith Holly Spagnola

May 17, 2024

Years of honing traditional skills and exploring artistic expression has developed a unique method for creating personal treasures to be passed down for generations.


The European movement of romanticism encouraged artists to break prior constraints in the expression of their art with an emphasis on imagination, emotion, and connection to nature. Long past its early 19th century inception, elements of this theme continue to not only resonate, but flourish, amongst those that appreciate unique thought and individuality across artistic mediums. These are virtues that contradict mass production within our modern marketplace.

The essence that emanates from silversmith and designer Holly Spagnola’s work espouses much of this philosophy. Beauty and master craftsmanship are common elements throughout her collections and inspiration from nature, particularly the majestic horse, is a single thread that shapes both purpose and function of each piece incepted within her studio.

sterling cuff bracelet

Respectfully Breaking Rules

Confidence earned from decades of honing skills with a focus on achieving excellence in craft has fostered Holly’s freedom in artistic expression and allowed her to respectfully break the strict rules of traditional silversmithing design. The marriage of unexpected materials and subjects and the introduction of new techniques are significant points of differentiation comparative to many of her peers. Drawing from wisdom only found with experience, Holly has additionally sought out artisans that espouse the same precision of craftsmanship in their respective field of study to assist when needed. The culmination of this process has cultivated a fruitful environment for Holly to increase her focus on the creative evolution of her brand.

Western Heritage

Icons and technique distinct to the rich cowboy culture of the American West remain core to Holly’s field of work. From ornamental belt buckles to working spurs, her applied expertise in silversmithing is evident in the detailed craftsmanship and functionality of each piece she creates. Where her collections significantly differ within this genre is in her ability to aesthetically manage the delicate balance between the heaviness of old Western design with the levity of nature’s flora and fauna as well as human celebrations. Her fresh abundance of artistic interpretations creates intrigue and affinity amongst an even greater audience that desires to connect with this heritage laden way of life..


A desire for unique pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing, yet fulfill a specific purpose are requirements shared by many of Holly’s devoted patrons. From working equipment to special occasion jewelry, the studio is home to the production of both ready-to-wear and custom treasures. For those seeking personalization that can only be achieved by a completely bespoke experience, Holly bridges the daunting gap between a client’s vision and the reality of what can be accomplished. Her unique formula consists of expertise derived as both a master craftsman and an accomplished designer coupled with a fearlessness to deviate from the norm and explore original ideas. This intimate process creates an emotional connection for the beholder- the memory of a favorite animal, an important  accomplishment is recognised or for the sheer beauty in art. The culmination of these elements form the origination of a treasured heirloom to be coveted for generations.


Images From Top:

  • "Botanical Bovine" belt buckle. 
  • Equestrian Bit Diamond necklace Crafted from •Argentium SIlver14k gold •.2c diamonds and •18" adjustable Sterling Curb Chain with Lobster claw clasp.
  • Seahorse and ocean reef themed bracelet with tourmaline and rose quartz. Handmade from Argentium silver and 14k gold overlay.
  • Sugar skull design solid sterling silver spurs. hand engraved detail accented with red enamel and smoky brown topaz. May be customized for English Spurs.
  • Custom Locket featuring horse, pet or special interest hidden behind a lattice of silver and gold with diamonds and gemstones. 

From the Archives:

Holly Spagnola Designs was first featured by K.M. Thornton on Aug. 15, 2014. Click to read the "The Bespoke Silversmith for Equestrians"(Note: you will be redirected to an external site)

Holly Spagnola Designs. United States. Online catalog and additional information located at Inquiries  and 203.219.8457. Follow on Instagram for upcoming shows @holly_spagnola_design

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