Tea for One- Savouring a Simple Luxury

Tea for One- Savouring a Simple Luxury

May 18, 2024

Creating space by halting and recharging in a beautiful environment is a wonderful practice that can be savoured and enjoyed daily in the form of afternoon or “low” tea.  While many contemporary Westerners think of this activity solely as a formal and social activity practiced by Victorian society, low tea actually held the underlying purpose of serving a small snack between the historically light lunch and heavier late dinner popular with the upper class. 

Today, this tradition can easily be adapted as an afternoon reset to connect with oneself and set the tone for the remainder of your day. Make this time special. Begin by establishing a beautiful ambiance that allows for the enjoyment of simple luxuries.  Suggestions include lighting your favourite candle for a warm glow and nostalgic aroma, enjoying a bouquet of fresh flowers to bring you closer to nature, listening to your favourite relaxing music and, of course, savouring your favourite tea (or coffee) from a proper cup.

Did You Know? 💡

High Tea’s origins are very different than that of low or afternoon tea. Popularized during the Industrial Revolution, this substantial meal was enjoyed by the lower classes after work. Unable to break for afternoon tea, a hearty menu was served at a “high” or “dining” table and included such items as bread, cheese and warm dishes. Alternately, "low tea" was lighter in fare and enjoyed in late afternoon served on "low" or side tables. 

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