Snaffles for All Seasons

Street to Stable®

Sharing the design of elegant eggbutt silver snaffle bit, our luxurious in2green custom throw and exclusvie "double wrap" Riata sun hat compliment each other perfectly for the ultimate gift for the special equestrian in your life.


Custom Snaffle Bit Eco Throw: 

  • Eco Throw Size: 50 x 60 inches
  • Contents: 75% recycled cotton / 25% polyester (also, mostly recycled!)
  • Machine wash cold / dry low
  • Finished with iconic Street to Stable® cast button in lower left corner

Exclusive "Double Wrap" Sun Hat:  

  • Unique double wrap design that is slimmer across the crown and elevated behind
  • Hand trimmed using vintage luxury Italian designer fabric
  • Leather chin strap with tassels
  • Custom molded four hole button created exclusively for Street to Stable® 


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