Stable Style : Barn Tours That Inspire & The Woman Opening The Doors

Stable Style : Barn Tours That Inspire & The Woman Opening The Doors

October 03, 2019

As many of you can probably relate, I was not interested in dolls growing up, but instead I preferred Breyer Model Horses.  When I was a smaller child, I spent hours reconfiguring the miniature stable and furnishings to house my “string” of jumpers.  As I moved to junior high and high school, a pencil and drawing paper became my medium of choice to plan the perfect equestrian complex: arenas, stalls, grass areas.  If I could not be at the barn in person, I was able to mentally connect with horses in the most perfect environment I could imagine. Stables and horses have always been my personal sanctuary.

Founded in 2015, Stable Style is a website with multiple social media channels that is dedicated to inspiring the reader with barn tours from around the world.  The founder, Raquel Lynn, does an exceptional job of curating consistent content that delivers you to a vast array of stables of all sizes and architectural styles.  Additionally, she also shares imagery that brings the stable into the home. 


Stable Style

The @StableStyle Instagram page is my portal to sanctuaries created by others for the beloved horse.  My pencil and drawing paper have long been retired, but this is one social media account I religiously follow because it always brings a sense of contentment to my well-being as I am transported to stables and homes that have been created with the horse as the focal point.  A definite follow for those of you that also find the stable as your personal sanctuary.


Stable Style is always focusing on growing its audience and sharing more inspiring content. If you like getting a closer look into someone else’s barns, you’ll love Stable Style.
-Raquel Lynn
founder, Stable Style

Can you provide an overview of Stable Style and the topics you cover?

Raquel Lynn:  Stable Style’s primary goal is to share barn tours around the world.

Stable Style

PC:  3-stall barn project by Quinis, a beautiful masonry barn in Canada  

Stable Style

PC:  Miller Hollow Farm is a charming and quiet boarding facility in Tennessee 

Additional content and topics include tack room tours, equestrian home tours, home décor, practical barn solutions and equestrian travel destinations.

Stable Style

PC:  Silver Oaks Farm appreciates a minimalist style and tidy space, even in the tack room.

Stable Style is very popular on Instagram and you also have a beautiful website. What inspired you to launch the sites and which came first, social media or the website?

Raquel Lynn:  The Stable Style blog is actually a spin off of my original blog, Horses & Heels ( I started a segment on H&H called Stable Style. I immediately noticed how popular this topic was. I enjoyed sharing the barn content and wanted to create a dedicated site for this – so the idea of Stable Style was born. I quickly grabbed the social media handles first and began posting to Instagram while I built the Stable Style website. I figured it couldn’t hurt to have a little following before I launched the blog.

Stable Style


Do you have a favorite topic (i.e. tack rooms, indoor arenas, etc.) you enjoy covering?

Raquel Lynn:  I like everything. I find myself drawn to cozy tack rooms and lots of the detailed photos.

PC:  Winter Farm project by Blackburn Architects, a modern barn tour

I like seeing how horse owners set up their stables and what works in different regions.

How do you stay motivated to generate new content?

Raquel Lynn:  I’m very passionate about growing the blog and it’s not just a hobby for me. I work full-time on both of my blogs so new content is crucial for growth and traffic. I have a lot of fun getting to put these barn tours together and enjoy meeting all sorts of people along the way.

You are very knowledgeable through first-hand experience with the digital space, which apps do you use regularly on your phone for business and personal use?

Raquel Lynn:  I spend a lot of time on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest mobile apps. I use Todoist to organize my daily tasks and make reoccurring lists.

Raquel's mobile go to for organization: Todoist 

I’m always checking my Google Analytics app, and I use VSCO for editing my photos on my @horsesandheels_ Instagram.


Stable Style

FACEBOOK:  @stablestyle
INSTAGRAM:  @stablestyle 
PINTEREST:  @stablestyle



Raquel lives in an equestrian community just outside the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles with her Paint mare, Fira in her backyard. When she’s not riding through the hills, she’s sharing barn tours on Stable Style or posting inspiration on Horses & Heels.
Raquel Lynn created her dream job one blog post at a time on her website, Horses & Heels. With a knack for interior decorating, beautiful photographs and inventive recipes, Raquel has garnered thousands of fans over the years.’s Stable Style category grew so popular Raquel launched a sister website, focusing on barn tours and tack rooms.
Stable Style draws an international audience of horse lovers eager to peruse barns ranging from quaint two-stall stables to luxury equestrian estates.










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