Coping Tips to Help Navigate the Unchartered Territory of COVID-19

Coping Tips to Help Navigate the Unchartered Territory of COVID-19

April 02, 2020

Barns closed. Working from home. Events cancelled. Fear of the unknown. We are living in an unprecedented time.  With each passing day of the COVID-19 pandemic, each of us is experiencing personal and shared collective emotions including general anxiety, a sense of loss, and an uncomfortable feeling of living in limbo. This is an unchartered territory and it is very healthy to internally recognize, I need assistance from a professional, and more specifically someone that relates to my challenges.” 

help from within our community

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A practicing psychologist with an impressive resume that includes over twenty-five years of experience of assisting clients achieve mental wellness, Darby Bonomi, PhD relates to members of our equestrian community because she is also a passionate member.  On the west coast hunter/jumper circuit Darby is a familiar face as an amateur competitor, horse show mother and performance psychologist who helps athletes overcome the challenges, which prevent them from achieving their optimal performance and enjoyment from the sport.  

Coping Tips
In the wake of COVID-19, Darby is providing our community with assistance in the form of articles, videos, and resources addressing the challenges we are currently facing.  Along with counseling clients in her own practice, she is one of many Bay Area therapists offering tele-health services to medical first responders through the Covid19 Pro Bono Counseling Project. .


First Responder

We are all on the front line of this virus together. I personally view Darby as a first responder because as a resident of the SF Bay Area, her county was one of the initial shelters-in-place.  She is navigating the societal challenges ahead of those of us in states that were lagging receiving the order and can subsequently provide tools to assist.  Additionally, Darby is also experiencing the loss of cherished time with our horses and the ripple effect we are feeling from it.  

Stay abreast of Darby's coping tips specific to the COVID-19 pandemic using the links provided below:
Darby Bonomi
T: +1 (415) 713-4234
Facebook: darbybonomisf


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