Innovate. Create. Innovate: TKEQ Athletics

Innovate. Create. Innovate: TKEQ Athletics

July 08, 2020

A Young Entrepreneur's Vision

Several months ago, I connected with Kaelyn Kennedy, founder and creative director of TKEQ, about the release of the spring collection from her TKEQ Athletics. Since 2016, I have been interviewing and following this young entrepreneur as her business model evolved from witty hunter/jumper themed t-shirts to a popular lifestyle and athletic brand with an emphasis on the equestrian athlete.

equestrian fashion

"The ANNELYSE" pullover by TKEQ Athletics

In full transparency, I have had the toughest time motivating to write a story about fashion apparel due to the levity of the COVID pandemic. Yet, reflecting upon the last five months, the only clothing purchases I have made are high quality pieces to use to train for my two sports- running and riding.  Exercise is the highlight of each morning and has proven critical to both my mental and physical wellness.  Enlightened by this insight, TKEQ athletics technical wear could not be a more relevant topic to share.

The KENNEDY- An Immediate Equestrian Favorite

My favorite piece of the collection is a long sleeve technical shirt complete with UV protection called the KENNEDY. This name reflects the origins of the company, Team Kennedy (TKEQ), which is a homage to the first two employees that consisted of a mother helping her junior rider’s vision to pay for riding expenses become reality. Read Street to Stable's story about the inception of the company:  TKEQ: WHY & HOW A JUNIOR RIDER CREATED A SUCCESSFUL NICHE CLOTHING COMPANY.

equestrian apparel

equestrian apparel


Quickly sold out and already re-stocked, The KENNEDY Seamless Long Sleeve, is developed based on the feedback from TKEQ’s original seamless top, the TAYLOR.  Improvements include longer sleeve length, re-designed thumbholes for increased comfort and lighter fabric for temperature control. 


Innovation and response to customer feedback are critical to TKEQ's success along with a vision for what the equestrian consumer needs and a passion to bring the ideas to market. Kaelyn explains the enthusiasm behind TKEQ Athletics, "It’s very exciting to watch it grow – not only in terms of style offerings but recognition across the world. Getting to see riders’ schooling in our athletic wear and hear their praises is rewarding.”

A sneak peak of Kaelyn wearing a piece from the TKEQ ESSENTIAL COLLECTION launching summer 2020

The KENNEDY and the entire TKEQ Athletic Collection, along with TKEQ's beautiful casual sweaters, iconic t-shirts and coordinated outerwear are available online at and through selected retail partners throughout Canada, United States and Australia. 


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