Décor for the horse & hound: BarnDoll® by Clair Roberts

Décor for the horse & hound: BarnDoll® by Clair Roberts

April 15, 2020

Shelter-in-place has definitely reeled my focus to finish the projects that are making our relatively new-to-us residence a home. A lifetime enthusiast of design and renovations, I allowed two and half years of a massive re-structuring of our lifestyle to prevent me from enjoying this pleasure.  Dwell, Domino, Architectural Digest, Town & Country and Houzz are once again marked as daily favorites on my computer's browser and I am cherishing how important "home" is to my personal happiness. 

A few weeks ago, small business owner and artisan, Clair Roberts, contacted me about publishing a story to help raise awareness of her horse and canine accessory brand, BarnDoll®.  As I previewed the line, I immediately correlated the saddle pads and dog jackets to the interior design aesthetics that were sitting on my desktop.  From modern to timeless and boho to conservative, each item was created with fabrics that embody a style reflective of BarnDoll's customer's taste as often experienced in their own home...and also on their dogs and horses!  

"Mango screams fun, energetic (and delicious)!  trend that’s sweeping the interior design scene, and for good reason"-2020 Spaces

equestrian decor

 "Navy blue is a timeless (and regal) color that is growing in popularity." -2020 Spaces

 "Dark colors have been trending for quite some time now, and they will continue to trend in 2020. Charcoal is a very chic and intimate color..." -2020 Spaces
equestrian decor


Clair uses durability and style aesthetics to differentiate the items within her line to similar products.  Each pad is individually created on an industrial machine using home decor/upholstery fabric and wide cotton binding. They are then filled with NuFoam chosen for its quick drying and antimicrobial properties. Covers are made using high quality fleece, extra wide elastic, cotton binding and stirrup covers included.

SADDLE COVER STYLE.  From Eastern Tradition to...

Western Spirit.


A dual entrepreneur, Clair has been particularly hard hit financially by the effects of COVID-19.  For over fifteen years, her primary career has been that of a practicing aesthetician and she currently is a co-owner of a small practice. More recently, BarnDoll was formed as a "side-hustle" business so that horses could once again become a viable part of her life.  As many entrepreneurs are reconfiguring sales and marketing efforts due to the pandemic, Clair recently had to make the financial decision to move all of BarnDoll's sales from the branded storefront she created to strictly ETSY.  


As we look to how we can help others to mitigate the damage of COVID-19, remember that our small business owners often have primary careers that are dramatically effected.  If you can, please support their sales by purchasing items now to give as future gifts or to use at a later dater.  Every bit of income helps. 




*UPDATE April 15:  BarnDoll is currently accepting orders via the branded website: https://www.barndoll.com


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