Hands Free! A Stylish Equestrian Inspired Solution

Hands Free! A Stylish Equestrian Inspired Solution

March 24, 2020

Do you find yourself trying not to touch door handles or allowing your personal items to touch other surfaces during your necessary outings that take you outside of the confines of your residence?  I know I have become a pro at becoming as “hands free” as possible when I navigate the multiple secure doors, elevators and common areas within our building.

New to high-rise living within the last year and prior to social distancing, I consistently found myself juggling a necessary set of keys and fobs in addition to a dog leash (with my best friend, Stella, attached!), groceries, tote bag, mail, Amazon packages and more. The perfect solution I discovered was the “Padded Leather Key Chain” created by The Devon Horse Show’s  longest running vendor, The Engraver. 

Little did I know that this brilliant little equestrian inspired design, which secures a set keys around your wrist to free up your hands to hold other items, would be so helpful as I try to limit exposure during an unprecedented time with many unknowns. For me, the most simple daily activities have changed. As an example, I previously would set my keys next on the counter in the recycling area after unlocking our mail and parcel box and then proceed to immediately sort the paper.  Now my keys remain on my wrist the entire time and I carry the mail and packages upstairs without sorting. 

To enter our elevator bank, I "flick" my wrist to wave the security fob that is on my keychain and use my elbow (I catch my husband doing the same thing!) to push the button to access our floor. I am not sure how much these adjustments in my routine assist, but they do ease my mind...along with a good hand washing.  

The padded leather key chain is available in multiple color combinations, personalized with a custom name plate, and made in the USA.

THE ENGRAVER is open and shipping

T: 610.430.0123
E: The-Engraver@msn.com
Facebook: @TheEngraverChesterCounty

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