generation"EQ" by TKEQ: uniting equestrians & strengthening horsemanship

April 26, 2019

My mission has always been about the partnership I form with my horse. I measure my success not by the ribbons on my wall but by the respect, appreciation & pride of horsemanship that I show my equine partner. I strive for those moments when our round looks effortless, our communication is invisible, and we share the pride of our success. That bond is priceless, timeless, and most importantly selfless. That is what being a member of GenerationEQ means to me.
Kaelyn Kennedy
Founder, TKEQ
Kaelyn Kennedy TKEQ

Without a doubt, each generation faces obstacles relating to other age groups. Why? The three key trends that shape generations are parenting, technology, and economics (1). For example, Baby Boomers are generalized as growing up with prosperity (economics), Generation X is referred to as “latch key kids” because both parents were full-time workers (parenting), and Millennials and Generation Z have only known a world with internet access (technology).

Partially due to the 2018 economic downturn, for the first time in history we currently have five generations in the workforce. This diversity can certainly provide benefits in terms of the unique backgrounds and perspectives that each generation brings. It can also lead to misunderstandings and conflict (2). We all can attest that the equestrian community is not immune to the same struggles listed above. A solid piece of advice as provided by the Harvard Business Review states, “Don’t dwell on differences. There seems to be a tendency to focus more on what is different about each generation than on what similarities might exist (3).’”  Regardless of age, we are all similar because of our love for the horse. This bond provides an enormous opportunity to share in each other’s knowledge and enjoy the unique culture that exists between equestrians.

GenerationEQ was a play on words I first discussed with Kaelyn Kennedy, the innovative young founder of the popular niche equestrian apparel company, TKEQ, shortly after we first met. The company was established in 2016 as a creative solution for Kaelyn to both work and gain experience as she was applying to universities for business school and also finishing her junior riding career. The phrase resonated with Kaelyn. She applied her mission to inspire and build confidence in others to define the meaning behind “GenerationEQ,” while moving forward with the creative design and production process using the term.

This week TKEQ proudly launched GenerationEQ as part of its latest collection. Identified as the #1 T-SHIRT FOR EQUITATION RIDERS, it also signifies much more. GenerationEQ represents a unification of individuals across all ages to create a culture that is connected by the importance of horsemanship and an authentic love for the horse.  After all, in most of us, there still remains the piece of the little child that only wishes to spend all day at the stable... 


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(2) (3) How to Handle 5 Generations in the Workplace by Lin Grensing-Pophal, published Feb 26, 2018.


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