GENERATION EQ: Memorize Your Courses with a Horse Show Husband’s “Jump Off

GENERATION EQ: Memorize Your Courses with a Horse Show Husband’s “Jump Off "App

September 06, 2018

Flash Cards or Bust

The thought of any type of test requiring route memorization places me in a state of anxiousness. I could have been the poster model for “flash cards” from primary school through graduate school. I did not realize how much extra work I had to expend studying for memory-oriented classes until I had a roommate with the same major in undergrad that basically has a photographic memory. Let us just say that I had to spend more time in the library where the environment was quiet and I could concentrate to study.

The Show Hunter Comfort Zone

Memorizing horse show courses is no different for me. When I decided to commit to the hunter/jumper discipline and purchase my own horse, I clearly acknowledged that the courses were part of my decision in choosing a show hunter. Typically, eight fences that have a general flow and pattern, i.e. single vertical on the quarter line, diagnol line, outside line, etc. appealed to my learning process. I have developed a routine that includes taking a picture of the course diagram FIRST THING in the morning, looking at the fences, walking around the perimeter of the arena to see both sides of the fences, drawing the course on paper, and then visualizing the ride over each obstacle.

Image: Before finding the "Jump Off" App, I would sketch my courses by memory on paper. 

My process works for me, but probably takes much longer than most competitors. 

Jumper Jitters

This last spring and summer I have had the opportunity to lease a lovely seasoned jumper.

Image: "Big Sur", photo credit Carli Pearl-Sacks Photography

Over the last couple of weeks I can feel the angst growing as a show approaches. Yes, most of my horse show friends in the jumper/derby/medal divisions have the ability to look at a course diagram and then the course and have it totally memorized. After enough years of studying in academia, I know that I not ever going to master that skill, but I do have perseverance.  My strategy to learn jumper courses: GOOGLE. Search Phrase: How to memorize a jumper course. Answer: “NEVER FORGET A COURSE AGAIN! NEW JUMP OFF APP HELPS EQUESTRIANS LEARN AND MEMORIZE COURSES.” posted by

A Horse Show Husband and His App, to the Rescue

According to, the app was founded by a horse husband that works in software development, he noticed at a horse show that his wife, along with other riders, would take a picture of the course diagram and then use their finger to trace it on their phone to memorize the course.

Image Source:  Jump Off Pro website, more information at JUMPOFFAPP.COM

I downloaded JUMP OFF PRO last night from the App Store. I tested it by finding a jumper course on Pinterest and saving it to my computer desktop. I took a picture of the course, uploaded it to the app, and then continued to draw and erase it until I had the complete course memorized. 

memorizing jumping course

Image: Above are the options I was given when I logged into the app to use it.  I chose to upload a new course by taking a picture of a course diagram. The course is automatically saved in my library on the app.

Jump Off App

IMAGE: Screen shot of Jump Off App once I uploaded a course and started  tracing it with my finger on the screen of my IPhone to memorize it.

I already love this App even though I only have learned the basics! It is an amazing tool for my learning style, which requires mental repetition. The app has several other features to assist with memorizing courses, but this first step has already increased my confidence.

For more information, visit .


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