April 13, 2019


Inspired by her own need for a stylish flat belt to wear under hunt coats while in the show jumping arena, Ruespari® founder Adrienne Marciano created a design for herself that met these criteria and soon the label Ruespari was conceived. Each belt is known for its comfort and custom fit that fulfills the functional requirement of athletes, yet the brand has evolved as a street style staple due to it’s array of exquisite fabrics, colors, patterns and overall versatility.

Read in Adrienne’s own words, the story behind Ruespari, her conscious decision to keep production in the U.S.A., the inspiration for each collection and more.

Name of Company: Ruespari®

Founder: Adrienne Marciano

You are known as THE innovator behind elastic belts for the equestrian world. What inspired you to design the first Ruespari belt?

AM: It was right around the time that I was about to compete in Devon in the Amateur Owner Jumpers when I realized I had been wearing the same leather belt for way too long. It wasn't stiff to ride in anymore, so it was a daily staple, but it looked horrible. I’ve been known to love to accessorize my looks and I was disappointed that all of the new belts hanging in my closet were so stiff and felt so uncomfortable when I put them on. I decided to purchase some elastics: black, orange, and turquoise. A friend had told me about where I could get some buckles. My aunt does a lot of sewing so I asked her if she would sew them for me. That year when I walked around the horseshow, I received so many compliments on my belts! From riders to spectators on the Philadelphia Main Line just viewing the horse show….everyone asked me where I purchased them. For the first time ever there was no bulk under my show coat because the buckle was so flat, the elastic band made them super comfortable, but they also looked so chic! Ruespari was born….

Ruespari Equestrian Belts

Adrienne at the clock tower on Worth Avenue wearing Ruespari Navy & Gold Clasp belt with one of her favorite designers’ espadrilles: Tory Burch. Both Adrienne and Tory started their brands on the Philadelphia Main Line. Adrienne worked for Tory for a few years and looks up to the designer for inspiration.

Ruespari garnered almost instant popularity with hunter/jumper riders. What makes Ruespari different than similar products “drafting” off of your success?

AM: Every belt is handmade in the USA from skilled artisans in a studio right by The Devon Horse Show. Originally when I started, I had sourced a lot of the fabric, but now everything you see is custom designed by me. Almost every designer and brand struggles with knockoff companies trying to capitalize off of their unique designs. Our design is specific to our brand and the only one with a single elastic band that sits tightly enough on your waistline that they hold your pants up without any adjustment necessary. These belts were created to be chic and the knock offs I've seen do not compare to the craftsmanship, style, and quality of our designs.

Ruespari equestrian belts

Adrienne wearing Ruespari Caviar & Gold Clasp belt with swimsuit by designer Becca. Bracelet by Hermes & watch by Rolex. Hat by RIATA Designs.

Even though the demand for your belts has increased significantly, you have made a conscious decision to make each belt in the United States versus using low cost off-shore production. Why did you make this choice?

AM: It was a decision I made at the inception of the company to always keep our products made in the USA. We also will always keep our brand cruelty-free because of my love for animals. We will continue to try to innovate and introduce exciting new products to the brand that are cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Ruespari’s collection contains traditional, seasonal and personalized/custom designs. What inspires each new design you take to market? Do you have a favorite style?

AM: Everyone asks me what my favorite belt is, but the truth is it may vary from season to season. I design every belt, so I am partial to loving them all. I get inspired by everything around me: the changing seasons (The Holiday Collection), a vacation destination (Sea Salt Collection), the horses that I ride (Unicorn Collection), my chubby French bulldog (Winter Pearl). 

Ruespari Equestrian Belts

The "Nantucket Navy Stripe and Gold Clasp" from The Seasalt Collection

What does the name "Ruespari" mean?

AM: Ruespari is derived from two of my favorite things: Laspari and Pearl Rue. My love of animals has inspired me in so many ways to create a cruelty-free brand, it only seemed fitting to name this brand after my loves. Anyone who knows me knows that I am completely in love with Laspari, my long-time partner in the show ring (Two-time Devon champion of the High Amateur Jumper Division) and Pearl Rue, my chubby French bulldog. I actually credit a lot of the brands initial popularity to Laspari. After doing a lot of interviews because Laspari won some good classes for me, it landed us on the cover of the Chronicle of The Horse and other equestrian press outlets. Through those platforms I was able to discuss the company at length during interviews that were eventually published and hit a large audience.

How are you connected with the equestrian way of life?

AM: I have been competing close to my entire life in the hunter/jumper divisions. I have always had a love of fashion. I've been fortunate enough to be able to do what I love and combine my two passions: fashion and riding.

Adrienne outfitted in Equiline, Caviar & Silver Clasp Ruespari belt, and Fabbri Vegan Leather boots.

Ruespari equestrian belts

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