October 22, 2020

Verb. /i’kwes.tri.fai/  An activity that increases a personal connection with riding horses.

penned by: K.M. Thornton

This year I have felt an ever increasing nostalgia for all things riding. As my normal routines have halted, including time at the barn, I have gravitated to what feels comfortable and delivers a sense of familiarity. I cherish the items that EQUESTRIFY™ my home and wardrobe including books, art and accessories and I join our community through livestreams, podcasts and periodicals. Although I am not riding often, the influence of connecting with horses through riding has intensified as part of the fabric of my life

"I cherish the beauty of simple elegance inherent to the textures and aromas that are unique to specific leather and textiles, the fine details created by artisan craftsman, and the unwavering spirit of the horse.  I surround myself with their essence."

How do you EQUESTRIFY your life? 

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