Equestrian Inspired Labels+Curated Wardrobe = POSITIVE SUSTAINABLE IMPACT

Equestrian Inspired Labels+Curated Wardrobe = POSITIVE SUSTAINABLE IMPACT

May 22, 2020


The movement to live a lifestyle incorporating sustainable practices is a major shift that has entered the consumer’s decision-making process primarily in the last decade.  Heightened conversations related to the environment have been sparked during COVID including the impact of our daily decisions when choosing food, health and beauty products, transportation, and clothing. 

Last week I was reading a social media advertisement from a large mass clothing manufacturer that specializes in trendy fashion items who is undoubtedly struggling with inventory surplus due to closed retail outlets.  A reader commented, and encouraged others to follow, that she would not be supporting the sale because she does not believe in “fast fashion” and its environmental impact.  This caused me to take a moment to pause and reflect on how my buying patterns can better embody a more sustainable way of life, albeit not as extreme as some, yet more progressive than others. 


There is a perception that the only way to support sustainable fashion is to purchase clothing and accessories crafted in small workshops using only organic materials with a very limited carbon imprint.  In actuality, your behaviors also provide a positive impact.  According to Forbes in an article titled, “Why Sustainable Fashion Matters,” the author suggests small steps where we each can make a difference including, “Commit to buying less, limit your outfits per day, and invest in pieces that last longer.”

This advice resonates with me because for years my daily wardrobe has consisted of what I call a “uniform” that was created for simplicity because it is limited in the number of pieces that mix and match.  You might know this philosophy under its more recent title called a “wardrobe capsule.”  I also supplement my closet, when possible, with investment pieces that embody exceptional quality in both materials and craftsmanship and may be worn season after season.  


Last Sunday, after our state’s shelter in place order was lifted, my husband and I ventured out of our residence for our first non-essential activity in over eight weeks.  We are choosing to remain relatively socially distanced, so we decided to visit a quiet neighborhood park within walking distance preceded by a quick stop at our favorite café for a to-go espresso. 

After we were settled on our blankets with both books and coffee in hand, I realized my shoes and accessories were all equestrian inspired pieces.  I was wearing Katharine Page Sandals and I had packed our goods in an Oughton Limited tote.  Each is an investment piece that is several years old, yet because they are well-cared for, crafted beautifully, and timeless in design they continue to look fabulous.  I was also wearing a custom RIATA DESIGNS derby hat that is part of my daily uniform. A more recent purchase for sun protection, I chose the fabric to match my street wardrobe, yet it also fits in perfectly at the stable. 

As side note that you may find relatable, I think I chose these accessories subconsciously as a sense of comfort.  The expression of my equestrian roots has always afforded grounding for my soul when I have needed it most.  For me, easing back into daily activities after several weeks in an isolated environment has been a bit stressful because of the unknowns.  These equestrian inspired items not only hold a special place in my closet, but also in my heart.



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