March 27, 2020

Entrepreneur To Admire
Name of Company:  Caracol by Elizabeth Paul–
Equestrian and Native American Jewelry, Hats, Handbags and Luxury Outerwear


Entrepreneur:  Elizabeth Lowery


Years in Business: 23


Your boutique is distinguished by a beautiful selection of equestrian inspired accessories, primarily jewelry.  What influences how you choose the pieces you will carry? 
Comfort and Beauty. Sounds cliché, but if it is not comfortable a person won’t wear it. I pick each piece with this in mind. 

We carry multiple sizes in our jewelry, so everyone can find the perfect fit and I make sure it can go from street to stable with its durability. Our hats have a sizing system so you always get the best comfort.  

equestrian hat

Do you design any of the items that are offered at Caracol?

I design a lot of our sterling silver pieces. 

I like to make sure the pieces will last a lifetime and will be so beautiful, you will want them to last a lifetime. 

Although Caracol has an online presence, you are primarily known as a mobile boutique.  How do you choose which events to attend each year and have any of the 2020 shows on your schedule been cancelled due to COVID-19 Virus? 

We do about 20 shows a year. Our biggest show this year was the now defunct 2020 FEI World Cup™ Finals where the top riders in dressage and jumping compete.  This event only happens every two years in the United States. They have been gracious in giving us back our money, but we have invested all our capital in inventory to prepare for the Spring Season. To follow this event was the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event and The Devon Horse Show. Land Rover cancelled and time will tell on all our others.

What is the longest amount of time you have spent on the road? Do you have a favorite event or type of event like you attending and what makes it unique? 

We were “full timers” in an RV when we started out and would go from show to show, so can I say 10 years? Other than those years, The All AmericanQuarter Horse Congress has to be the longest show we do at 3 weeks.  

Our idea for a mobile boutique started when Paul and I were still living in the Caribbean.  We moved back to the states with no idea where we’d like to live, so the RV was ideal for those years.  
I’m a dressage lover first.  The FEI World Cup is always my favorite because people from all over the states come to watch these top riders.  The event we do every year that is my favorite would be Cowboy Christmas during the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas in December.  Honestly this is really tough because Devon, Dressage at Devon and The Menlo Charity Horse Show and the World’s Championship Horse, Land Rover 3 Day Event…How do you choose?
Do you have any advice you would like to share with individuals considering a career in the equestrian lifestyle retail industry?

Today is a lot different than 20 years ago when we started.  The internet and social media have changed that landscape.  I think if you have a product you make, your chances for survival are greater.  Shows are a great way to get your name out there, but beware it is not easy setting up and breaking down and getting all your set up and inventory to the show.  Use shows as the avenue to get yourself out in the public eye and gather customers for your email and social media lists.  Do not start out with this as your only income and do not do this as a hobby.  

Instagram: caracolsilver
Email: elizabeth@caracolsilver.com


 My roots are in the South.  Until I was 25 I Ivied in LA (Lower Alabama) and I graduated with a degree in tourism and marketing. 

Before Caracol I worked in the tourism industry in the USVI.  I held many jobs in that 10-year gap but my last job as a marina and retail complex marketing assistant was the job that lead me to creating Caracol.  Paul and I were riding horses in Tortola when we decided it was time to leave the islands.  Our dilemma was where to go.  One of my retail tenants at the marina suggested a jewelry designer and manufacturer in Mexico, to help getting my designs created.  

We bought a 23-foot Mini Wini and headed to Mexico.  The rest is Caracol….





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