Devine by Design: Female Entrepreneurs Standing Out in Contemporary Society

Devine by Design: Female Entrepreneurs Standing Out in Contemporary Society

November 05, 2019

Letter from Kristin

Today marks a momentous occasion with the release of the August edition of Eleanora Magazine.  I was asked by the publishers to accept the role of guest editor for this issue, which holds particular significance because it marks their 12th month of content and the publication’s one-year anniversary. Eleanora is described as “Original stylized stories of trailblazing women, some from the past and some from the present, meant to inspire aspiring leaders of the future. Produced by a cast of multimedia artists featuring curations by creative stylists, each volume is its own niched production that celebrates the timeless inspiration of the multi-generational trials and triumphs of our shared human experience.”

Multiple times the question has surfaced, “What is Street to Stable®?” Penning the editor’s letter for Eleanora allowed me to articulate my vision and its manifestation:

The founders and publishers of Eleanora, Melissa Delgadillo and Eleanora Morrison, entrusted me with full control of the content. I approached the process with a perspective of tremendous responsibility to present the equestrian way of life at its highest level as well as the stories of four dynamic female entrepreneurs that enrich our special culture. As I reviewed the digital proof earlier this week, I was struck with intense emotion due to the sheer magnitude of the unique women that surround us and the importance of the horse within multiple facets of contemporary culture. We are all so fortunate to have discovered such an authentic and healthy passion in life that is rich with exceptional individuals.


Kristin Thornton VIDEO

Congratulations to Ellie and Melissa on Eleanora Magazine’s monumental anniversary and the sophisticated audience you have carefully cultivated. Additional appreciation to Julie Ferris (equine fine artist), Kirstie Marie Jones (equine portraiture), Arianna Vastino (founder Le Fash & Vastino Ventures) and Heidi Niemala (high fashion photographer) for allowing me to share the journey of your entrepreneurial endeavors.


Kristin M. Thornton

To read the August 2019 issue of Eleanora Magazine, CLICK HERE





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