Cherish Every Moment: Reflections on the Power of the Present

Cherish Every Moment: Reflections on the Power of the Present

January 25, 2021

Dear Friends,

Cherish every moment. Yes, I mean that-even now. Especially now. Many people talk to me about wanting to fast forward, and I understand the sentiment. But, even in these hard times, the gifts of living are in the present. Looking to the future to feel happy or fulfilled is not a way to live.

Nowhere is this gift more evident than at the barn. Horses, by their very nature, exist in the present and continually invite us to meet them there.


PC:  Cathrin Cammett


Fortunately for us, they’re tolerant when we’re off somewhere else in our heads. They wait for us to emotionally and mentally return. Our horses offer up their hearts as if to say: please connect with me, and you’ll reap the rewards of being here now.

I talk a lot about the power of present time to fuel optimal performance, but the same is true for vitality and happiness.

How many of us consider the barn our sanctuary—a place of refuge and safety? Dare I say it, the barn is a sacred place. Yes, like a house of worship, the barn is where we equestrians feel free and grounded. We connect to something larger than ourselves (literally and spiritually!). Most of us experience a sense of escape from our worries and the stresses of ‘outside life.’ Do tennis players feel the same way on the court? Maybe they do, but we equestrians have an extra edge. Our partners are horses.

Need some help getting present? Even though the benefits are significant, it’s not always easy to access. Being present takes intention and lots of practice.

Try this: I invite you to approach your barn time with a new perspective. Make a pact with yourself to be present just today. Be deliberate. Actively notice the small things. How about really enjoying the smell of wet hay? Take in the snuggle of a soft nose, and the eagerness of those big brown eyes looking at you from the paddock. Really absorb the feel of a relaxed walk, or your beautiful balanced trot. I can go on and on and I’m sure you can too.

Let the horses, and the barn, usher you into the now. Open yourself to a state of exquisite appreciation for this very moment. I guarantee that you will feel fuller, more alive, and not so eager to rush off to somewhere else in your head.

Oh, and your horse will be grateful too! 

All the best,

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