March 23, 2018

WATCH: LIVESTREAM  George Morris Excellence in Equitation
Featured on Chronicle TV

On Friday March 23, watch top junior riders compete, without assistance from trainers before or during the class, for the title of champion of the most prestigious equitation title during the Winter Equestrian Festival.
“Ready to Ride”
by Darby Furth Bonomi, PhD, amateur competitor and horse show mom extraordinaire.

Junior and amateur riders, are you challenged with getting enough time at the stable? Read Darby Bonomi’s practical advice on making the most of this precious time. As Ms. Bonomi explains, “By truly being in the present you’ll be a much more effective rider AND you’ll enjoy yourself more!.”
The Saut Hermès 2018 at the Grand Palais
“CLIPS” Quick clips capturing the ninth year of this international CSI 5* show jumping with titles including “THE WINNER (Simon Delestre), BACK STAGE, & RIDERS TALK. Hermes never dissapoints in creating an experience.
There is a definite correlation between equestrian activities and Starbuck consumption, perhaps stemming from the 4:30 am opening time of many of their stores. Avoid future lines and use this free app to place and pay for your order ahead of time and earn points toward a free reward at the same time. You can also use to pay in-store and tip the baristas. If you are a regular Starbucks customer, this app is a must.

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Had a bad fall?  Bounce back with gusto!
Had a bad fall? Bounce back with gusto!

May 14, 2019

Have you fallen off your horse and hurt yourself? Did you sustain injuries not only to your body but also to your psyche?  In our career as equestrians, most of us will experience a nasty fall or two. 

What’s the key to optimal emotional recovery for you? There is no magic, but if you treat yourself as well as you would your horse, you’ll be on the right track.  

Click below for steps to get you started.

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How THE FIT EQUESTRIAN Helped Me Look Forward to Grocery Shopping, Again.
How THE FIT EQUESTRIAN Helped Me Look Forward to Grocery Shopping, Again.

May 09, 2019

The Fit Equestrian Grocery Guide was recently published to help each of us adhere to a healthy and balanced diet starting with the fundamentals of how to create a well thought out assortment in your pantry and refrigerator/freezer.  The guide addresses staples, sample meal plans, building a grocery list, recipes, weekly meal preparation and more.

For quite some time, I have been in a recipe rut. While this grocery guide is a helpful tool for meal planning, it served as an inspiration to entice me to look forward to spending time in the kitchen again. Click below for a few of my favorite takeaways. 

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generation"EQ" by TKEQ: uniting equestrians & strengthening horsemanship

April 26, 2019

Each generation often faces obstacles relating to other age groups, partially because of a focus on their differences rather than their similarities.  

This week niche equestrian apparel company, TKEQ, launched a new line titled "generationEQ" as part of its latest collection.  GenerationEQ represents a unification of individuals across all ages to create a culture that is connected by the importance of horsemanship and an authentic love for the horse.

Click below to read more about GenerationEQ by TKEQ and how we can share in each other’s knowledge and strengthen the special culture that exists between equestrians.


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