4 Links for Friday

4 Links for Friday

May 31, 2019

Devon Lead Line

image via USEFNetwork.com

Watching the lead-liners at Devon just makes me smile.

cauliflower rice

image via loveandlemons.com

It is everywhere, but how to use it?  How to Make Cauliflower Rice  along with favorite recipes using this healthy ingredient by Jeanine Donofrio, author of Love & Lemons Every Day Cookbook.

equestrian decor

image via elliman.com 

How top designer Kristen Farrel recommends bringing your authentic equestrian style into the home.

Anne Kursinski

image via practicalhorsemanmag.com

Why SafeSport is more than “something” US Equestrians members have to do. Listen to Olympic show jumper Anne Kursinski’s first-hand experience in her podcast interview by Practical Horseman





Stressed in the saddle? Shed the day’s noise as you set foot in the barn.
Stressed in the saddle? Shed the day’s noise as you set foot in the barn.

September 12, 2019

At its best, barn time is a mini vacation. It’s like being ‘off the grid’ for that 45 minutes you’re in the saddle. 

But what if your commitments hover over you as you ride?

I get questions all the time about how to ‘balance’ regular life with a serious sport like riding. 

You can’t have it all.

Click below for tools to create boundaries in order to be fully present in whatever you are doing including riding your best.

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"The Run for A Million" - trending on the web

September 10, 2019

The first million dollar purse in the sport of reining was recently awarded with much suspense as Paramount Network documented the intense journey of eight of the twelve competitors leading up to the inaugural event.  The six episode series titled "The Last Cowboy" has catapulted the awareness of reining and the influence of Western culture in equestrian sport to an expansive audience. CLICK BELOW TO CONTINUE.

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August 22, 2019

A recent transplant to Phoenix, I now understand the meaning of HOT temperatures and health. Hydration and nutrition require more thought in extreme weather.  Below are the staples I purchase online for use in the summer before, during and after riding.  


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